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Thursday, 2 June 2016


Wale Applause is an entrepreneur, brand manager, talent manager, exporter of agricultural products who has worked for YBNL, most especially Lil Kesh and so on, released his own version of Open Letter to Upcoming artists titled #LoveLettersToUpcomiingArtists via his twitter handle @waleapplause01
Read Below:
  1. #LoveLettertoUpcomingArtistes.
  2. Let's go on a tweeting spree. Love letter to upcoming artistes
  3. We ALL don't care about you as an upcoming artiste, know this and you will go very far.
  4. First thing is, you are 'just' an upcoming artiste. Let that drive you always.
  5. Music is not just music, it is music business and supposed to put food on your table.
  6. Music business has several cabals that naturally work against you. Always know this.
  7. Loyalty is everything!
  8. Music business is not child's play. This is big business and a lot dirty like drug peddling.
  9. Always stand up for yourself, don't let anyone put you down, what you do is a profession too. You are a very important service provider.
  10. Respect every Dj. Respect the 'small' Djs more, these are the people that can put in work for you.
  11. Don't let any OAP scare you, they don't own the radio station. They are hustlers like you too. They need you just as much. YOUR MONEY!
  12. As an upcoming act, treat every song as important. Even oldies don't drop songs for dropping sake.
  13. Always advertise yourself!
  14. Understand and respect your sponsor or investor, it took a lot for him to believe in you.
  15. Remember all dads won't be Davidos!
  16. Prioritize!
  17. Let the fake life slide!
  18. Make sure your manager is sackable, this doesn't mean you be rude to him/her or react to every flaw.
  19. Get a good artiste mansger. Your manager is your face, and he must be very humble and respectful.
  20. Good music doesn't guaranty a hit, but good publicity does, take a cue from Vic O
  21. Find or create your generic sound!
  22. Always dwell in your comfort zone!
  23. Define yourself! Your lifestyle, dressing etc
  24. Women are friends as much as they are foes! Deep!
  25. Stop bothering about being a star, be worried about being a great musician first!
  26. Give as much as you wish to receive!
  27. Think let there is no box, we all are tired of hearing about weed women and wine.
  28. Stop flooding our TLs, some of us are only interested in politics, some of us are single and trying to set P, don't kill our vibes.
  29. We won't naturally download your song as an upcoming artiste, you need to devise a means to get us to.
  30. Know that the economy is bad, there are bigger problems and this is supposed to affect you too.
  31. Even if you send your song to our phones all at once via Bluetooth, know that most of us still won't listen. We have a playlist already
  32. Have a lawyer friend right from school, you will be needing him so much in life.
  33. Understand that there is a heirarchy, respect the elders.
  34. Be humble, if you ain't please learn, if you too dumb to learn, fake it. You will get used to it.
  35. Only GREAT materials should leave the studio or your gadget. NEVER I REPEAT NEVER let your unmixed songs get out.
  36. Understand that too much everything kills, even water!
  37. Don't be fooled by most online critiques, most of them have a 9-5. Social media is a way out of their boring lives.
  38. Never bite than you can chew!
  39. Respect prostitutes, they are your biggest fans and PR! Key!
  40. The best most of these critiques can do for you is criticize you. Some are in order tho.
  41. Know what weed does to you. It's not for us all.
  42. I'm sure you won't watch Burnley vs. Bolton same way most of us here won't download your music. Know this!
  43. Respect your sponsor. Cannot be over emphasized!
  44. Not very time club, please save to record in a good studio with a good producer!
  45. We all love beautiful use of words, we love good lyrics. Please respect us a lil bit.
  46. Mixing and mastering is as important as the entire song!
  47. If you can, please make good covers!
  48. Avoid recording in a rush, don't use studio time. Create a relationship with a good studio.
  50. Be afraid!
  51. When you blow, gays will approach you. Please don't be rude, most of them are in high places. Decline politely and you may end up rich
  52. As an upcoming artiste you cannot afford to be homophobic. Even if you are please pretend. GOSPEL!
  53. Use song writers, it's no crime. Neyo wrote for the great MICHEAL JACKSON!
  54. Don't be fooled, it's not compulsory to adore Fela, but even if you don't, keep it in your mind of minds. Say it and be a victim of hate.
  55. Remember when you blow, we will all famz you. Kindly forgive us of our past sins.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

[Music] Lil Kesh ft Patoranking - Is It Because I Love You

YBNL kicks-off its last quarter 2015 push with a brand new single from Next-rated act, Lil Kesh. The song titled “Is It Because I Love You” features Patoranking and is produced by YBNL in-house hitmakers Young John and Pheelz.

Is It Because I Love You” shows a side of Kesh we haven’t seen prior to this: “Kesh the loverboy“. This should be a hit among the ladies, and of course gentlemen like me who appreciate quality love songs regardless of the genre or tempo.

Just leave this song on repeat for the rest of the day. The rest of Nigeria will catch up in the coming weeks.

Sunday, 9 August 2015


Don Lhydio World Entertainment Present the SNEH! MIXTAPE featuring alot of your favorite hit songs.

  • - DjLhydio Skit
  • - DjLhydio x Jjc
  • - Olamide - Lagos boy
  • - Lil kesh - Efejoku
  • - Lil kesh ft Cdq - Dami sii
  • - Davido - Wole
  • - Wizkid - DuZe
  • - Olamide - Confam Ni
  • - Runtown - The banger
  • - Timaya - Some more
  • - Olamide ft phyno - Ladi
  • - Kiss daniel - Laye
  • - Patoranking - My woman
  • - Olamide - Shakiti bobo
  • - AhLaji orezi - Shuperu remix
  • - Tekno ft bracket - Panya
  • - Don drim - Buga
  • - Snoovy - Aunty pere
  • - Lil kesh - Gbese
  • - Vector - Shiga
  • - Tekno - Anything
  • - Mickey - Lobee!!!
  • - Mc galaxy - Komolop cholop
  • - Tupengo - Sowey!!!
  • - Olumix - Gbegbe Oshii
  • - Jimmy Banty - Jukele
  • - Uhuru allstar - Zenze
  • - Damieohlah - Gbege
  • - Damieohlah x Olumix
  • - Djlhydio - sign out !!!


Saturday, 8 August 2015


DJ Banger is back again with a three smatching vibez mixtapes, repping the street, the frosh and the foreign scene. The three mix are titled Crash Out Party mixtape (featuring tracks from top trending artist like Wizkid, Davido, icepirnce, Ayex, Olamide, DjXclusive, Yung L, Dgates cee boi and more), Streetly Igboro 2.0 mixtape (features street kings like Olamide, lil kesh, Reminice, CDQ, Small doctor, Famous, Dresan and many more), and HIPHOP AND RnB MIXTAPE ( Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, Tyga, Future, Kid ink Nicky Minaj, Rae Sremmurd all got it locked down in d mix)
So stay in tunes with the groove turn up videz, mix and mastered by Dj Banger