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Sunday, 19 June 2016

[Music] Omoilu - PADA (Panda Cover)

Rapper, Omoilu finally puts out his rendition on one of the hottest hip hop joints out of America at the moment “Panda” as a birthday gift for his loyal and good fans... He titles this one PADA (Step Back)... He's an indigenous rapper to watch out for.


Saturday, 4 June 2016


with MC Rapindady to features:

Gbenga Adeyinka ( special guest) | Koffi Da Guru. (Special guest) |Dr Smile (special guest) | Stiil Ringing | Peteru | Arole | 1stBon (Special guest) | Mc Damola | Shete | Dr Warri connect | Afouda |13th disciple | Mc Olympia Baba | Gifted Mouth | MC Johnny | Remote | Anointed Mallam | Jingle

Music by:
Major Matt, Keanzo, Shade Awesome, TuWyze, DizzyMbata, Fabulous Pizzy, Sade Blaq, BK GMB, Olanextee, JIDE SAX.

Dance by:
The Expandables and Cymbals
DJs: Dj Secxy and Dj Vikki

On Sunday June 5th @FUNFACTORY Event Centre Bodija, Ibadan!

TIME: 2-7pm (no night party, no African time)

Gate Fee: 1k (reg) | 5k (VIP) | 50k(table for 4 | 100k( table for 8)

Tickets available at Film House Cinema Dugbe and Frostyz Eatery Bodija.
www.errandmall.com or call or whatsapp 07031373320

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Sean Tizzle Confirms Coming to Ibadan this Friday..

Popular musician Sean Tizzle has confirmed his coming to Ibadan via a short video
Topside Lounge will be hosting the shole crooner, Sean Tizzle this Friday June 3, 2016 at Topside Lounge Oluyole from 10pm.
Topside Lounge CEO Mr Tope Adedeji has declared the night free for all plus free drinks for the ladies.. He tagged the even "Million Ways To Turn Up Friday" with music by DJ Sezzybeat and the hype an B Sparks will also be live at the playboy's paradise...
Only Topside does it better😋
Topside Lounge is located behind Rehoboth Cathedral inside Oluyole Estate off Ring Road Ibadan
Be There👍🏼


[Music] JLOLLZ (@meet_jlollz) - LEVEL

JLollz whose real name is  Oluwafemi Alaba,  is a young aspiring rapper who hails from Lagos. The passion for music built up in him since 2010, when he started writing 'lines and bars' and also repping a movement called OMG (one music group). Since then, he made music all along, dropped singles, made covers, featured on songs, and all. #LeveL is tagged as JLollz's official debut single and it's basically talking about just being on ones level! No stressing! You gonna love this. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy JLollz.


Friday, 20 May 2016

[Premiere] Magic Pro - Ajantoro (Produced by Magic Pro)

Ajewole Damilola Sunday aka Magic Pro is a Ibadan born music artist, he started music from church choir in Gospel Faith Mission.
He presently studying music technology in the Polytechnic of Ibadan. He is a music producer and an upcoming artiste, his versatility in music has earned some accolades in his school and community.
He has releases a lot of songs (Iwo Loluwa ft Babatunmise which was his first single and also IGWE featuring an Ibadan city born Kenya base rapper) which has gain a lot of attention in the community.
Magic Pro is here with another hit single titled "AJANTORO"
Produced by Magic Pro himself.
You will surely put this track on repeat after downloading. Enjoy.


Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Musician "Wale Waves" is back again with an open letter this time to the Government of Oyo State. Read Below:

Seeing the pictures attached, you should be reminded of what transpired between myself and the loyalists/organizers of the Governor's campaign concert held at the Agodi Gardens ground on the 22nd of March 2015 in Ibadan. It later became a sensitive case in the State Secretariat after over several comments on Facebook, Twitter and blogs from different people, reasonable and even the Governor's Loyalists and Campaign Team, wrote a lot of things to respond to my post. I was called by 9ice, My Lawyer, some Special Adviser to the Governor, just to mention few on this same case.

Now, it is a great disappointment that I have to write another open letter again to the Governor, his Loyalists, Campaign team, the Government and to whom it may concern, of the so called state that I started my career from 'Oyo State'.

My major points of view are these;

1. Why does the Oyo State Government 'hate' entertainment and not see it as a form of income revenue generation?
2. If the Oyo State Government can't even discover new talents among the youths of the state, then why can't they encourage and support the ones that have helped themselves to a reasonable stage of their career?
A Case Study;
Dremo (was) an Ibadan artiste, hardly could you find an Ibadan indigene that could sing any of his songs back to back. He was not supported nor appreciated by the state government by creating the appropriate entertainment platforms for his fellow indigenes to hear him aloud so they can celebrate him too as their own indigenous celebrity. Instead, his talent was discovered and appreciated few weeks ago by a foreigner, almost the youngest of all entertainers in Nigeria 'Davido', in Lagos, which wasted no time in signing him up under his Record Label, which by God's grace, the same Oyo State Government will soon foolishly now pay millions to bring him back for their coming campaign. Just watchout!.
If you build your own house, why going to rent an apartment.

This same thing goes to our so called Ibadan based OAPS, Radio Stations, TV Stations and the Deejays. When you don't make your indigenous artistes' materials popular, then how do you want the artistes to be heard by his people? How does the listener that are meant to be his fans be, or request for his songs or videos?

Ibadan songs are not played in Lagos stations but their artistes songs, then do you need to be told that Ibadan songs should dominate Ibadan Stations? Are we not learned? Why do they have Beat Fm in Lagos and still have another Beat Fm in Ibadan if they believe we listen to their stations in Far Lagos? Why don't you embrace your environment and talents?
For example, on HipTv for like a week now, the Station has being showing and commending the great brilliant effort of the Lagos Government Administration led by Governor Akinwunmi Ambode on the 1st Lagos concert he held and made possible, whereby a lot of different Lagos indigenous artistes performed at the concert. The Governor and different dignitaries were also present. Even, I saw the former Governor of Cross River State - Donald Duke perform live with a saxophone. Instead, our own governors will be demolishing platforms for entertainments like clubs and concert grounds. So this is why I used the word "hate" in my 1st question.

Please, after Governor Ambode paid this artistes, made all of them perform, being televised by his state and private TV/Radio stations, and made the event to be an annual celebrated one. Which in his statement was so proud of by saying, "If the Americans can say the Washington DC Jazz concert is the best in the world, then he proclaims his own 'Lagos Jazz concert' to be the best Jazz concert in the whole Africa."

Can this type of Governor want to campaign tomorrow and all these appreciated talents won't rush down to support him with their fans and followers?
Instead see what we heard few days ago; "Oyo State government has just announced that anyone doing shows/events in Ibadan MUST collect permit/pay levy. Imagine such circular,  when they have NEVER supported entertainment since they came in?"
Please, I am using this medium to plead to these arms and system to adjust so that 'WE' youths can say we don't regret ever being born in this part of Nigeria.

I must speak for my industry. Thank you.
Written by Wale Waves

Sunday, 15 May 2016


 Thanks to everyone who has been calling  and texting me for sharing an advice instead of an insult in my last article but guess what, I got a reply which didnt get to me right. I am sorry if I have disappointed you by replying one Mr Wale who claims to be working with Beat FM in the city..Sorry the first question is. Are you an Artist?. I thought my last article was an 'Open Letter to Artistes' and not "OAPs"... Yes I have always wanted to write an Open Letter to OAPs and been planning to use you as a Case study secretly but you know what, now in this reply, I need to let the good people in the entertainment industry of the city know that You are one of the Problems we are facing.
I have worked with almost all the artists in this city, one way or the other, either during my events or promotion of their songs. I remember early this year, it was during one of those promotion movements I called you to play the song this particular artiste was releasing and i was trying to promote. you charged me a specific amount of money that i'm sure your salary is not up to, I jokingly told you that "in this city nobody charges me" but nobody works for me for free, I pay everybody, why will you charge so much just because you want to play just a song on your programme, not even your radio station. Yet, you are writing an article in defence of these same artistes you have refused to help. I have a lot of questions for you. when was the last time you played a song by an Ibadan artiste apart from the ones you "attach" yourself to or interview them without asking them for money which you are not supposed to be collecting from them?. Now to correct your perception of what I said in my preceeding article, I said " most of the people living in ibadan are Yoruba, I did not say it was 'everybody'. You live a triangular life in Ibadan,from Ring Road - Bodija and probably wherever it is you live. do you know places like Olorunda-Abba, Isebo, Amuloko, Alakia, Igbo-Oloyin, Moniya e.tc. Are they not part of Ibadan?, as an OAP, do you even know that rural parts of the city listen to radio stations (I don't blame you if you don't know since your programme does not have an impact on them and they don't have any reason to listen to you or even call you) more than the elites who have access to television, internet and other sources of entertainment and information. Now the question is, are all these people enlightened enough to relate with any type of english content in a speech, talkless of in music. So what's bad in advicing my brothers to find their market and explore it, you don't want them to progress or what?
And this brings us to the next question, what do you know about Music and Business?...Now if you were talking about sitting in a studio talking about irrelevant things or issues, then I don't know about that but when we are talking about Music and Business, you should Shut Up.. In this same city, I have been an artist pr, an artist manager, a club pr, a club manager, an event organiser,an event pr, a publicist, a promoter and most importantly a blogger, abeg apart from sitting behind the mic, talking about what doesn't concern the ancient city of ibadan people and attaching yourself to talents and brands, what else do you do?. oh probably begging for free drinks in clubs. Remember you spend your day in the studio doing and talking jabajaba, I spend mine on the Street.
The last time i checked, the radio station you work for is about 2 years old and that's exactly how long you've stayed in this city, So when it comes to entertainment in Ibadan, I am one of your bosses. You don't tell me to get my facts right because i'm talking from experience and research but you are probably saying what you were told. So whenever I am advising my brothers on what i think they should do to help their careers, you should never interfere. IT IS A FAMILY MATTER!!
 So you should only comment or reply articles that has to do about the growth or success of the city's Entertainment when you start supporting every talent in the street of Ibadan at no cost.
The only reason why I have decided to reply you is because I have a reputable brand I am protecting and I don't want you to misguide the innocent people of this city. Stop trying to make people believe you are a Solution, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!
And Listen, All those wonderful songs by codename Dremo became hits when he got to Lagos then started spreading like virus before it got to Ibadan, then the rest of the world  and not the from ibadan to the world. And you told me to call Dremo, I don't need to call him, we know where we meet in Lagos when we have important issues to discuss not about issues like yours. Please stop attaching yourself to someone's success just because you want to get a penny from them...Build Yours!!
I know you want attention but don't use me to get that... I'M A LION, I DON'T MINGLE WITH DOGS.
Thank you for atleast reading my article and Happy Birthday to you, Please use this new year of your life to support the ministry. God Bless You, Long Life and Prosperity. I have a gift for you tho.
Till we meet for business.
I'm your Wahalafully,
Oba Ade Nelson

Saturday, 14 May 2016


One more time, i am sorry for my recent outburst on the BBM Platform but i feel i need to let our ibadan city based artists know somethings i have always wanted to let them know but i feel this is the time to speak out.
Ibadan is one of the biggest city in Africa and currently the city has been experiencing alot of great changes as companies are moving into the city.
The artists based in Ibadan need to know who they are and what they want for themselves.
Firstly do you know what it takes to be an artist? Do you have plan/strategy to help build your career in the city and even beyond. Do you even know your market?. For example, BK GMB is a rapper, a pure English hardcore rapper, the question is, What is he doing in Ibadan? Ibadan is populated by mostly Yoruba people and that's why its easy for talents like Keanzo, Jayru, Portah, Tuwyze, Pizzy to pass a message to the people through their music. Dremo was never appreciated in the city because he is an English rapper but he moved to Lagos, explored the market, got Davido's attention and today, he is one of Nigeria King of New School. You need to identify your market, explore it and you will get what you want.
Another thing is Do you have a team?, Do you have a manager or a biz manager?...some even have manager they treat as errand boy. Note that a manager is not your errand  boy or your pimp, your manager is your boss who needs to be respected and listened to. Get yourself a very good manager who knows about the business and have the connection for the success of your career.
Do you have a good song?, undoubtedly, Ibadan is blessed with talents who have good songs, infact evergreen songs but wait do you have a video for the song? your fans need to know you, some people know your name don't know how you look like. How have you been able to reach your fans? in Clubs?..Do you know Amuloko? do you know your song might be bursting dwellers of those abandoned villages/towns brain?, Do you have a budget for promotion? Do you have a strategy to promote the project?.
Most of you people live on past glory, stop the 'do you know who i am' crap..who the heaven are you?. You are just a glorified upcoming artist who needs to stop been proud and be loyal to those who are willing to help you. I will always respect artists like Portah and Tuwyze, immediately they get into a venue/club, they walk up to the DJ to give him no matter how small he might be, his respect. Money can never by Respect i was told.
 How do you manage your social media?, in this new generation of entertainment, record labels search for artists via social media, Don Jazzy found Reekado Banks on twitter, Olamide found the new YBNL Princess on Instagram, Davido found Mayorkun on Instagram. How do you interact with your fans on social media?. You still dey form boss abi?, even Don Jazzy dey something post rubbish on social media just interact with his fans.
 The most annoying thing about you people is that you compare yourself with other artists, Why, you hear words like "how can they be hyping Dremo, dem no even dey respect me wey don tey for this game", pls na wetin Dremo do you do? Na wetin Dremo get you get?, Na how Dremo Hustle you hustle?. Dremo studied the market, he explored it with the help of his team and today he is the talk of the nation. Another one is, Artists don't show love in the city, one artist go drop song, another artist will either drop song immediately or even ignore it. wait sef, when Dremo was in Ibadan, abeg who support am?. Olamide shifted the release date of his album because a colleague of his was dropping an album a day or 2 before his, so he decided to shift his album release date and still supported the artist. Can that ever happen in Ib?. I have seen artist spoil another artist in front of show promoters/organizers just because he wants to perform at the show. How do you expect to get paid for show you literally begged for?...Kolewerk fa.
You cannot do exam in lead city and expect result in UI, laye kojo, you pay another city based pr/blogger your song to release and you expect bloggers in your own city to support you for free. Like say Africana, Pussiness and other top bloggers in the city come count roundabout for Ibadan abi? Go blow for where you promote your song na, and when last did you walk into a media house to surprise the oaps with gift, lunch, recharge cards or any form of appreciation?. Do you expect an OAP to beg you to bring your songs or what?. When last did you storm the DJ Association meeting to pay due respect?..
You don't expect people who might not even know you or even have your song to support you, Never!.
To get what your want to be successful in your career;

  • Stop been proud.
  • Stop singing the same 2 years old songs at different shows. 
  • Know your market.
  • Pay good producers for good songs.
  • Shoot a good video so you can reach a wide range of your fans 
  • Be sociable...Interact with fans and investors via social media.
  • Know and respect the oaps, DJs, Bloggers, fellow musicians, show promoters and who deserves respect
  • Work on a budget for your project and promotion.
  • Stop living fake life and Stop backbiting.
  • Stop been jealous of other people's success, work on yours.
  • Form a team, a strong one. 
  • Pray hard in fact harder
  • Read books about music business & attend seminars
  • Support others who will support you back.
  • Stop Fucking all Pussies that come your way.
  • Be Yourself, Remember what opened Adams' eyes, closed Abachas, work out a strategy for your own career and stop comparing and wishing to be like.
  • Stop begging for shows, let your team do that for you.
  • Pay For Promotion!...PAY!!!
  • One more time, Respect your DJ/OAP/Blogger.
And Please STOP WORSHIPING all those empty barrels, if they can't help themselves, they cant help you. Don't let anybody tell you, if you don't see or worship this person you no go blow for Ibadan. Na Scam oh, ask them "who dem epp?" , if dem lie give you, ask dem "Are You God?"

With this little i have shared, i feel and i know you will build a successful career.
Make i stop here so dem no go say i dey throw shades at anybody. Remember, i will always support every single talent from the city even though none of you in the city supported by new artist last single in any form, even one of you demanded for money to throw ordinary BC on BBM oh, yes you know yourself son, but guess what, that didn't affect the success of the project.We still reach on Top 10 in the city and beyond.. so who ur BC n Support don epp?
And All this show promoters/club owners too, please respect our talents, invest in them and PAY FOR OUR SERVICES.... 
While i'm still preparing to 'attack' OAPs, DJs, Club Owners, Entertainers

 I'm yours Wahalafully,

feel free to criticize me, Thanks

Friday, 13 May 2016

Ibadan Musicians Are Going On Strike (Written by Rotimi Ige)

Today i saw this on one of Nigeria's most read newspapers Tribune, written by Rotimi Ige. Its a very good write up with a bad advice.... If Ibadan Artists go on stike, abeg who go suffer?. Though i am meant to reply this immediately but due to my extreme busy schedule, it will take a while to reply this message/advice.. while i am doing my research and writing my own version of article, read below: 
Music, as widely claimed, is food to the soul and has been a source of inspiration and solace to many. In Nigeria, over the past two decades, the music industry has grown into a multi-billion naira industry, metamorphosing from the hobbies of many into a veritable source of livelihood. The industry has produced talents, mavericks and legends, with the likes of Tuface, Davido, Wizkid, P Square, Olamide and the like.

As the industry grew, it, after a while, was categorised (though unofficially), into strata: A-list, B-list and C-list artistes. A-list artistes are any set of artistes who are the raves of the moment. They are the ones dominating the music scene at any point in time, for instance, Olamide, Davido, Wizkid, Yemi Alade etc are current A-list artistes and are in heavy demand from show promoters and commanded hefty sums as performance fees and corporate endorsements.

The B and C listers are said to be artistes who may be somewhat popular, but are not raves. They may have videos and songs on rotation, but are not as successful as their A-list counterparts. However, a common attribution to success in any of the cadres has been closely linked to Lagos, the acclaimed entertainment capital of Nigeria.  This is because the biggest shows are organised there and the sponsors for events are easily accessible. Hence, it is believed that money goes round in Lagos.

In Ibadan, the music industry is vibrant but according to stakeholders, quite a struggle. Last week, an Ibadan-based rapper, BK GMB, released a new track, ‘Open Letter’, where he highlighted the pains of Ibadan-based artistes who were talented in every right, but were being ‘financially raped’ by show promoters. In a chat with Friday Treat, BK GMB said: “We have been patient for so long, waiting for things to change but it seems some people want to keep taking us for granted. Many show/club promoters in the city would go to Lagos and pay good money for struggling acts that many of us are better than, but when they come to us, they beg us to perform for free or offer peanuts and still expect us to help them sell the show to our fans. 

“Many times, because they know us, they employ familiarity to get favours from us, but we are wiser now. We have had enough of free drinks or hotel rooms to barter for our services. We pay through the nose for studio fees and song recording/promotion, spend a lot to look the part of the showbiz industry among other things. For these reasons, I and my colleagues have decided to embark on a strike. No more local free shows except the platform is one that is worth it,” he said.

Another fast rising artiste, Keanzo, corroborated BK GMB’s submission. He said, “We have given a lot to the industry without much to show for it. If we were based in Lagos, we would be stars by now but because the exposure here is limited, we have been managing to stay relevant by God’s grace. I believe that if artistes in Ibadan can unite and speak with one voice to stake a claim to our rightful entitlements, no stakeholder will under price us. You can imagine a show promoter calling to say he/she wants to help me with an event only to discover the promoter had actually collected money on my behalf for the show without actually paying me a dime. It is as bad as that. We need to take bold steps and if a strike will change things so be it.”

When Friday Treat sought to understand the aim of the strike, one of the artistes concerned explained, “We have agreed not to go below a particular price/cost range for our services per artiste. If any event organiser cannot pay for our services (per artiste contacted), by the time he/she exhausts the roll call of the most sought after Ibadan acts, let him go to Lagos and pay heavily for the artistes there. Most clubs/event organisers cannot afford most of the A or B-list acts or may be able to cough up money for one or two of them which is not enough for any real event. Most of us don’t even charge half of what the B or C-list Lagos artiste charges, yet we are not appreciated. We believe that if we boycott local events for at least three months, people will begin to get the message,” he said. 

Friday Treat’s chat with one of the show promoters was very interesting. Speaking under anonymity, he said, “Ibadan is coming up and we are doing our best to promote our artistes. However, they do not have full knowledge of the dynamics of the entertainment business. We are yet to have satellite TV stations in Ibadan and the shows we solicit for are part of what gives the artistes presence. Many of our artistes are lazy. We have about only six to nine notable or bankable hip hop acts in Ibadan. Only a few of that number are really working. Some still want to come upstage and perform the same songs that they released two years ago and get paid for that kind of performance.  Few of them have music videos. Yet, they want to get good money to perform at shows! Let’s be truthful to ourselves.

“Dremo was one of us until recently when Davido signed him. But it was after he gave us hits back to back alongside videos with heavy promotion before he got real attention. Unless our artistes wake up to their responsibilities, they can’t demand top payment.”

When contacted, another top artiste in Ibadan, Fabulous Pizzy, said, “It is true that we are facing a lot of challenges, but I believe that artistes in Ibadan deserve better remuneration. For instance, I try to release new songs at least once in two months and a normal song production, costs nothing less than N80,000. If produced and mastered by the big names in the industry, the bill rises to about N150,000 minimum. We are under pressure to release songs that would stand their ground anywhere they are played in the world and it isn’t encouraging when our services are solicited for free or peanuts because in Ibadan, there are no record labels. Everyone is responsible for his/her career. We are expected to do good songs and videos, dress well and not repeat clothes, not take ‘okada’, among other things. How can we achieve all these on our own if we only do free shows or take peanuts? I concur that we need to come to a consensus.”

While no particular day has been fixed for the proposed ‘artistes’ strike’, it remains to be seen what lengths the affected artistes are willing to take it to press home their claims. While the claims and counter claims continue, it is important to note that the entertainment industry is very important in today’s society, and affected parties are encouraged to come to a meaningful compromise.

Written by Rotimi Ige
Published on tribuneonlineng.com

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

[Watch Video] Ojopagogo - Pa Boot De

Veteran Actor & Musician, Rasaq Olayiwola popularly known as the Great RR Ojopagogo releases the visual to his song which talks about indecent dressing among young ladies of this new generation. Featuring Muyiwa Ademola, Ibrahim Chatta, Temitope Bashir, Ayanfe Adekunle, Tayo Amokade, Mimisola Daniel, Wasiu Wasiu, Ijoba Lawori, Dj Kamol, Sunkanmi Omobolanle.etc.
Watch Pa Boot De Video Now

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Kogbagidi VIP Saturdays hits Topside Lounge with CDQ, Danagog, Lanre Typical, King Alesh, Hooresh, lots more

 Ibadan will be on lock down this Saturday 30th of April, 2016 has CDQ woss, HKN's Danagog, Xpee, Gabana Boy, Ib city Next rated act, Olanextee, Irish, Lagos based Entertainer, Georgetown, Dubai returnee, Lanre Typical, King Alesh and lots more will be storming the 6th Edition of the almighty Kogbagidi VIP Saturdays plus King Hooresh Birthday Party happening at the playboys paradise, Topside Lounge and Bar located behind Rehoboth Church, Oluyole Estate in Ibadan City.
Watch CDQ confirming his coming to Topside Below;




Pictures & Video from City Buzz Concert 2016

It has been said that Ibadan never rejects a turn up,well this fact was proven right again at the City Buzz Concert 2016. an event put together by Super Kharot Entertainment and lots of supporting brands, it was a concert featuring Reminisce, Jayru and some great Ibadan Artistes, DJs, Producers, OAPs and Comedians such as the Popular Alhaji Taiye Currency, Fabulous Pizzy, Tuwyze, Sheun Natural, Tunde fa Tundey, Shade Black, Jisola, Toaster, Dj Gavpop, Peteru(Naija 102.7fm), Wale Ozolua (Beat97.9fm), Rapindady, T-Piano, Bayo Highflyer, Oduaboi.....