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Wednesday, 15 July 2015


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Abeg if i no mention your hood, no be say your girls dem no fine oh but i either never pass your hood nor i no get consignment for your hood, meanwhile no be say i don get consignment for all the places mentioned below oh but atleast i don pass through there and i have been Wowed by the girls in the hoods... Infact i get consignment for some places you can never imagined in the city, before i talk too much, Welcome to another article by PUSSINESS, how una dey and hope say business they go smoothly, if you are not really impressed with sales abeg, carry your phone, play ARAMBADA OWO by KEANZO and if Sales is going well lets Dance then, play IJO BATA by KEANZO and lets celebrate today's sales, if you dont have any of this songs, then you are missing alot, Go Cop it online sharply.
 Before settling for this particular article, i have written a lot of other articles that might be released much later. So jawe, oyinbo po mehn, 4 years for Lead City gas no waste na, calculate 500k x 4 + other miscellaneous wey still dey there oh, so i have to 'spoken' better English.......lol abeg, if you are looking for beautiful girls in the city, abeg feel free to go to this places, you will definitely get your missing rib..Please Read Responsibly abeg...

NUMBER 10: On my number 10,  i think i should put this place on the list, i actually don't have much to do with that hood but i pass through there whenever i am heading out, so on number 10 i have MOKOLA/DUGBE area, If you are looking for fine girls that buy cheap things, then lets go to Oginni Market inside Dugbe... i got to know the place through some of my Sango Babes who told me, na dere better cloths dey, on my visit to the place, i actually met some Lead City/UI girls there..and Mokola girls ehn, if you are looking for fine girls in Mokola, go to Mokola Ori-Oke Area/ UCH girls are cool...but i advice you not to waste your time with them, them get sweet mouth no be small..lets move on shap shap..

NUMBER 9:  hmm, some people believe this place is an outskirt of Ibadan but believe me, girls wey dey there, no be for here oh, AKOBO Girls are beautiful oh, though you hardly get to see them around but when they are around or outside then, with their always Big Idibia ehn,even the guys in the hood wont let you go with their girls...as the girls are not enough for the guys in the hood....if you wan catch Akobo babe, just go general Gas or Oju Irin or go book a room at MATAAN HOTEL at Olorunda...you will be happy to know they are mostly omo get inside. AKOBO ladies are very respectful, they don’t brag, they are good listeners and also not so money minded, they value their relationship more than a fat bank account..

NUMBER 8: Omo, if you do mistake catch babe for this hood ehn, and you dont have money to get pizza, go to frosties or even get gift for babe at Foodco, my brother, no go BODIJA oh, BODIJA babes are expensive, beautiful and if the girl's parent are living in places like Aare, Osuntokun, Oshin & you do mistake catch the babe, bros congratulations in advance. you can hardly get a Bodija girl as they are the Queens of all Omo Get Inside in the city.. but i was opportune to sleep in HIS GRACE HOTEL for few days and whenever i go outside, omo the story is for later but on a serious note BODIJA GIRLS are Amazing and very Romantic, if you are looking for a girl who is beautiful, independent, hard working and a social life aficionado then BODIJA is the right place for you.

NUMBER 7:  Hmm, you never catch babe for OKE ADO/LIBERTY ROAD before, omo them strong for bed ehn, sorry, they are beautiful on their own level ehn, though some of them get sexy tribal mark but believe me the girls dem no wan gree, but bros i beg you, no try go OKE ADO to find girl, if their boys catch you ehn, even UCH go reject you oh...so abeg leave dem for their boys oh..but if you are lucky, one LIBERTY ROAD bae go gree for you behbeh but f you are looking for a girl with the intention of taking the relationship to the next level, “A wife Material” a girl who can take a good care of you and the home. Then Oke Ado girls are the Ibadan beauty for that. They also have a distinction for kitchen related matters.

NUMBER 6: na this hood for Ibadan open my eye, with all kind of size, shape & color of beautiful girls who live in the hood, yes na the place open my eye to bad bad thing, i stayed at Eyini for a year before moving to Abbey Lincoln then inside Abegunde. with some Lead City Girls living in the hood, ORITA CHALLENGE/ODO ONA ELEWE is definitely a place for you to go to, just take the girl to Orita Market, Club E3 or even T-Piano Studio, then you have her for yourself...ORITA CHALLENGE/ODO ONA ELEWE na better place oh...if you stand at Hollywood Station or Orita Junction and atleast 10 girls no pass, abeg maybe na your timing no correct then, go around there anytime from 5pm, and see Orita wonders..

NUMBER 5:  ah, now the list just dey begin from here mehn, this hood girls are so so beautiful ehn, but its easy to catch them ehn, lemme give you a scope, i have been opportuned to autograph about 10 girls from that hood, bro, just be lucky to be popular in the city, then take her to Shoprite, Ventura or even a club, then believe me, they will keep knocking at your door. But apart from been an easy catch, they are beautiful ehn, i believe they are easy to get because guys are not bold enough to approach them but when a guy is opportune to say HI they never want to let go. Oh i never mention the name of this place abi, sorry jawe, i was in spirit, na  APETE/SANGO jo.. With The Polytechnic Ibadan making the place their permanent site, APETE/SANGO has alot of beautiful girls ehn but i hear say most of them na Olosho...but i still believe 40 percent of them are good girls but meanwhile, if you want a girl from around there, don't go to far, just stay around the Police Barracks at Sango and your APETE/SANGO dream will definitely come through in a twinkle of an eye..

NUMBER 4: hmm, if you are looking for a girl on/from Oluyole Estate,  Joyce B, Adeoyo, Anfani. Elekuro, abeg wetin be d name of dis tuwyze hood oh, erm i no remember, so jawe, if you want beautiful girls from this places, then RING ROAD is the main place to be, girls on RING ROAD axis are beautiful and if you want to see them outside, you have to be patience or go to TOPSIDE LOUNGE if you want a girl inside Oluyole Estate.. so jawe, girls for RING ROAD no be small thing ehn, you can get to see different girls with different denomination...abeg na money for hand, Shoprite for there... Bed na later later...as them like to form ehn, A Girl along RING ROAD will give you double wahala if you don't have Jonathan's kind of Patience! Civilization in the city actually started on Ring Road, thus i don’t find it surprising Ring Road is probably the home of the most beautiful women in Ibadan. Ring Road girls are by far some of the most beautiful women in the Ibadan. Some say that their beauty results from the mixing of different street, estates, junctions in the city. whichever, they are Magnificent. Regardless, their features are unique and incredibly attractive.

NUMBER 3: Awon temi ni Rab, bawo ni?....Ok if you are staying around this hood, Watch Out For CODED LOUNGE, its coming somewhere around you, Girls from FELELE/CHALLENGE are beautiful, i get one wey i still dey scope right now, infact beautiful is an understatement...From Odi Odo to Splash Fm House to Bello to Gafo to Express to Rab to that Ayefele side but again, awon omo wobe ninu Felele hadly come out but when they come out, you will definitely be wowed!....and if you don’t mind her taking little more sip of alcohol than you, then visit FELELE/CHALLENGE and find your dream girl..but meanwhile Ibro/Akala and thier  team are definitely waiting for you..so Watch your back!

NUMBER 2: ah, how i wish i can tell you all my experience with girls from this particular hood, some people even believe they are Mamiwater but abeg, we no get ocean for  ib so where dem come from?....ah abeg JERICHO/ ELEYELE girls are so beautiful, infact wait, Beautiful is a very big understatement... they are very friendly and like Doro Tiwa, they are cheerful givers, they dont need anything from you, they just want you their 'Friend' to be happy...JERICHO/ELEYELE girls are so so beautiful, but why am i repeating it na?..ahn ahn, why wont they be so Friendly, beautiful and be giving cheerfully, when there is a NURSING SCHOOL and FEDERAL FORESTRY SCHOOL in the hood, JERICHO/ELEYELE girls are famed for their beauty, homemaking and bedroom skills. If you are looking for a proper beautiful girl to take back home and introduce to your parents then Jericho Apete is where you should look.
 Meanwhile, Be spiritually strong before you embark on the curiosity visit to Jericho/Eleyele for the simple reasons of what your eyes could see, otherwise you could perhaps be consumed helplessly to the lust of your imagination....where are you going to?..c'mon wait for me, we are going together to get a Nurse to give me what i need right now...

NUMBER 1: See, if you dont have a beautiful girl friend from this hood, then you are not in Ibadan, see if you go this area anytime, anyhow and you dont get to see a beautiful girl, it's either you are blind or you are not destined to get a beautiful girl for yourself in life..with University of Ibadan situated around AGBOWO/OROGUN another place for beauty pageant as there is no type of girl you are looking for in life that you will not find there, Fat, Short, Skinny, Blue, Red, White, Black,Tall, any tribe/denomination/dimension...whatsoever you are looking for in a girl, AGBOWO/OROGUN would definitely give you your dream but wait oh, Agbowo girls like to shako oh but see, if them first use you form, no relent oh, cos na just packaging, she will be all yours soon, don't forget the saying "The Patience Dog eats the Fattest Bone" Surulere ni o...,
Be Bold and Get An A Beautiful Girl from Ibadan Today!
Meanwhile, the main reason Agbowo Girls took the first spot in this exclusive list of Ibadan beauties, is the fact that unlike the other place in Ibadan, Agbowo/Orogun girl never allows her poverty to make crucial decisions for her.They always tend to know what they want. physically magnificent. they are a true ladies to behold.

ABEG NOTICE: See like i said early, some places fit get fine girls in that hood but believe me i either never pass there or i am not impressed yet with what i have seen, You are free to rep your hood by commenting below...Till we meet again, Thank You for Reading!



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